Saturday, March 20, 2010

English Fries

On page 306 of his book Cook With Jamie, Jamie Oliver gives a recipe for what he calls "April's rosemary straw potatoes with lemon salt." The recipe can also be found here on his website.

I tried out this recipe in my kitchen tonight and took some pictures, but for better pics I recommend the link above.

There was vegetable oil in my kitchen, so I used that instead of the recommended sunflower oil. I used rosemary from my garden. The last change I made was using lemon juice instead of lemon zest. I don't have a peeler for the potatoes, so why would I have a zester for the lemon? The I cut pieces weren't very large, but the taste was great!

I couldn't get the potatoes as small as Mr. Oliver. I'm not comfortable using the knife and I nicked my middle finger even going real slow and watching the whole time! Thank goodness for my fingernail - it took the cut. No blood on my potatoes.

So the potatoes stayed soggy, but, oh my goodness, that rosemary made a difference. Delicious.

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